Why People Love To Visit Kullu-Manali?

20 Feb, 2020

Why People Love To Visit Kullu-Manali?

The beauty of being in new places, discovering new cultures and traditions is the very essence of traveling. If we keep ourselves in our comfort zone, then how will we lead our life in a new way of learning new things? As a little change from the usual routine won't matter much to your work life. And sparing some time out for yourself will be a great help to your mind and body to relax from the ongoing schedule. Well, we have got a perfect location to release your stress. Manali is one such location situated in the Himalayas in the Shivalik ranges. It is one of the most pleasant districts of Himachal. The place is all cuddled up with snow all around on the cliffs and peaks. You will get a fantastic environment, profound nature's beauty, which will seize all your attention. This is the primary thing that attracts travelers from far lands. Apart from the spellbound scenic views, you can do a lot of essential stuff like Trek climbs out of the abiding valley to vertical suspensions, Paragliding, Rafting in Beas river, etc.

So The Question Arises Why Manali?

Why Manali, and why not some other place of Himachal? It is because Manali has a lot to offer you apart from its breathtaking views. Let see a list of things that you can enjoy in Manali that would surely be all together with a new and exciting experience.

Rafting in Beas River:

The very first exciting thing to do in Manali is an adventure in the ice-cold water of Beas river. It is one of the popular adventure activities that can be done in the region of Manali. Rafting in the waters of Beas River will inevitably give rise to your adrenaline level. For people who are scared, don't be as there are proper safety measures in the valley. It is a 14 km rafting experience that springs from Manali and ends at Jhiri. The best time to do river rafting in Manali is from April to June.

Astonishing Trekking Trails:

Next up is the Trekking experiences of the valley, which are quite informal activities that many people prefer to do because it is very adventuresome and presents you with the best vibes of nature. The place is indeed a paradise for trekking partisans as it possesses many phenomenal trekking trails. The most famous Trek of the site is the Hampta Pass, which commences from Jobri Nala. Few other treks which are worth the try are the Beas Kund, Bhrigu Lake, Dashaur Lake, Patalsu Peak, Lamadugh, Hampta Circuit, Deo Tibba base camp, etc.


Next up, you can go for the paragliding experience in this amazing valley. Fly like a bird in this paradise land of Himachal. It is a fantastic activity that fills up your spirit with happiness. You will surely have one of the best paragliding experiences in India here, especially in the Solang Valley in Manali. 

Experience The Ancient Culture Of the Place:

If you are someone who is seeking peace and tranquility, the place will offer you the same with its fantastic past. Apart from adventure activities, this vibrant place is home to several ancient temples such as Hidimba Devi Temple, Manu Temple, Vashisht, etc. Seek the blessing of the gods with the richness of peace of the place.

Rohtang Pass:

When In Manali, how can we forget the very famous Rohtang Pass? Although Rohtang is a restricted area, you can get through by getting the permit which you need to take a day before. This significant attraction of Manali, Rohtang Pass, is a place full of experience and snow-capped peaks. Due to its higher altitude, snow lasts there till monsoon. It is also called the best Snow Point in Manali. Enjoy the fantastic paragliding, snow scootering, cable car, experiences in the place.

Solang Valley:

Next up After Rohtang Pass is the second best thing that is the fascination for tourists, which is the very famous Solang Valley. Many tourists visit the place as it has a large number of activities offered, the valley is a most solicited after a place in Manali. You will have the best cable car ride, zorbing, paragliding, experiences in this valley of dreams full of snow-covered mountains all around.


Well, coming on to the mountains and not seeing the waterfalls. Manali will offer you some amazing. Enjoy the fantastic experience of Jogini Waterfalls, where you can sit for hours and experience the melody of flowing water with fantastic views. This famous waterfall called the Jogini waterfall is situated around 7.5 km from the central city. The place is absolute for dispensing quality time.

Mountain Biking:

For all the adventure enthusiasts, if you like to experience the thrill of the mountains, definitely go for mountain biking. It is one of the most exciting things about the hills. The curvy road and mountain biking can give you once in a lifetime adventure. These roads will amaze you with its thrill. So if you want a fantastic experience, then it's a must-try activity in Manali. You can easily take a rented bike and gear in Manali.

Natural Hot Water Springs:

The last but not least the miraculous natural hot water springs of the place is worth to watch and are another most exciting aspect and found in the hills. You can Take a bath in these springs which will give you fantastic satisfaction. This hot water spring of Manali is situated at Vashisht Temple. So when in Manali do visit this fantastic place