Holidays in Chamba A Spectacular Experience

24 Aug, 2020

Holidays in Chamba A Spectacular Experience

Chamba is beautifully nestled beside the river Beas and amidst of mesmerizing natural charm in the ambience and beautiful verdant valleys is a magnet for the visitors. With the abundance of beauty Chamba has great diverse species of flora and fauna which makes it more exquisite. The soothing and pleasant climate is perfect to get rid of from the hot and hustling life of the city.

I really enjoyed the snow-clad mountains, sprawling meadows and picturesque scenic beauty of the Chamba offers tranquility in the atmosphere which I love the most. Chamba has a very significant history and has great architectural monuments dated back from the 18th century. 

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Apart from unbeatable beauty, Chamba is home to various ancient monuments which can make your journey more refreshing and memorable one. Beautiful Laxami Narayan temple, Hariraya temple, Rang mahal and chugan are some amazing destinations which predict the ancient time.

Glance Over Top Five Destinations of Chamba

  • Lakshmi Narayan Temple

Lakshmi Narayan temple is an ancient temple which was built in 11nth century by the emperor Sahilverma. The complex style of the temple has six different temples which has the idol of Lord Vishnu and lord Shiva. The idol of lord Vishnu is a beautiful marble idol which signifies great spirituality and peace. These main six temples are accompanied by the three different temples of Radha Krishna, GauriShanka, and Shiva Temple of Chandragupta.

  • Rang Mahal

Rang Mahal is one of oldest and largest monument which existed from 18th century and was built by king Umed Singh. This monument is a great example of Mughal and Britishers architectural work where high forts like walls are the main highlighting feature of this monument. However, Rang Mahal was built as a great adobe for the king but it was also used to keep the treasure and grains and acted as a great warehouse.

Rang Mahal, built by Raja Umed Singh in the 18th century, is one of the largest monuments located in Chamba region. The palace highlights the perfect blend of Mughal and British. Now the whole Mahal is under the control of the Himachal Government and has transformed it as Himachal Emporium, great shopping spotwhich offersamazing local handmade goods and best work of embroidery in the emporium, designed by local women on silky fabrics.

  • Chaugan

Central Chaugan is the main heart of the Chamba because you can collect local handicraft and different variety of metal artefacts, exquisite souvenirs, last but not least prominent paintings of Chamba and Kangra and beautiful slippers of Chamba. I must say your trip is incomplete without visiting Chaugan beautiful market.

  • Hariraya Temple

Hariraya Temple is another form of historical architectural temple which represents himachal style of architectural work, this lord Vishnu temple was built in 11nth century. People often come here to pay their obeisance for their deity Lord Vishnu, a great crowd following Hindu culture can be seen over here. During Ekadashi, huge crowd visit here to pray the lord Vishnu.

  • Bhuri Singh Museum

Bhuri Singh museum encompasses great royal culture and tradition, which dated back 1908. Earlier the museum had only the paintings to showcase but later on historical artefacts such as frescoes, old coins, carved doors, royal antique jewelry, royal costumes, musical instruments and many other historical items which represent the royal culture of the Chamba.

  • Things to Do in Chamba

The beautiful white snow mountains are extremely perfect for skiing and roaring water of the rivers is best for river rafting, river crossing exercise which is really very thrilling. Various river activities are conducted by some private and governmental organizations. You can also enjoy trekking and many more activities in Chamba.
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