Cozy Days in Dharamshala-Dalhousie

27 Apr, 2019

Cozy Days in Dharamshala-Dalhousie

Dharamshala is located in the upper region of Kangra valley and is the most breathtaking place of Himachal. The place is surrounded by thick deodar trees and dense forest so the beauty is raw as compared to other regions.

Dharamshala gives you solace that you need in life as the place offers a rustic vibe. If you need a break from your work, you can head to Dharamshala. Just visiting small villages in the place will offer you complete peace of mind.

Dharamshala offers breathtaking views of mountains and Himalayan peaks, you can have an amazing experience in the place with your loved ones.

Popular monasteries of Dharamshala:

Dharamshala is known for its popular monasteries and its also home to his holiness 14th Dalai lama. The place itself is sacred to most Tibetans and local Hindus.

Many tourists from India visit the place to pray in the monasteries of Dharamshala. You'll get a peaceful insight by visiting the monasteries. Just sitting and admiring the place will let you seek divine intervention.

As a tourist, this can be a fascinating and new experience for you. It is a place that will offer you serenity and calmness. There are many temples in Dharamshala as well, so you can visit those on your trip.

Lakes and streams:

The best part about nature is the pristine lakes and water streams that naturally flow from the mountains. You'll find a lot of water streams in Dharamshala that flow near every home.

Dal Lake is a famous lake for camping. If you are planning a night camping experience, you can head to Dal Lake. Spending a night under the dark starry sky will give you an experience that you'll never forget. Just admiring the magical scene of the lake can transport you to another world. You can also indulge in trekking adventures and other sports activities in Dharamshala. Its indeed a great place for all the adventure junkies.

The magic of Mcleodganj:

Another popular place that is situated near Dharamshala is Mcleodganj. It's a breathtaking place that offers you scenic and wonderful views of the valley. The scenic hilltop is situated in the upper region of Dharamshala.

The place offers different flavors of Tibet. So you can explore the village life with local homestays. Taste the authentic Tibetan cuisine and know about the culture as well. You can also shop and explore local places near Mcleodganj. It will be an astounding experience for you.

The best place to be:

Set against the backdrop of nature, Dharamshala offers a complete holiday package. From lakes to waterfalls and from temples to monasteries, you can explore so much in Dharamshala.

Just spending a few days with nature can completely rejuvenate you. It is important to connect to nature and take a break from your routine. When you take a break, you also self discover things.

Every holiday experience teaches you new things. Book your holiday to Dharamshala and explore the magic of mother nature in its pure form. Opt for a customized package and have a good time.