Amazing Tourist Spots Of Kullu

29 May, 2020

Amazing Tourist Spots Of Kullu

Kullu is beautifully nestled amidst of the valleys of himachal, the chanting mountains with snow-clad are mesmerizing and attracts the crowd to visit this beautiful paradise. Kullu is surrounded with the magical Himalayas and river Beas. It lies at the height of 1230m altitude with tranquil forest covered with long deodar tress and apple orchards which make this place more beguiling. Apart from this aesthetic beauty Kullu has great divine culture and this place has also its description in the holy books like Ramayana, Mahabharata and Vishnu purana. Kullu is famous for various Buddhist monasteries and Hindu temples, People of both the religion are bound with each other and their hospitality is really the matter of appreciation.

Every year huge crowd is seen in Kullu who come to enjoy their vacations on this beautiful hill station. There are various fascinating spots which are the major spots of attractions in Kullu like Great Himalayan national park, kheerganga, Manikaran, Rohtang pass, Lahaul Spiti, zanskar and Ladakh. The eternal charm of these amazing tourist spots of Kullu are speechless and mesmerize every heart with their elegant beauty.

Kullu is the favorite destination of the nature lovers and for those who love thrilling experiences as it offers great adventurous activities like paragliding, trekking, hiking, fishing, mountaineering and river rafting. Don’t forget to enjoy the famous activity of the locals Angling. Moreover, Kullu is the best place for the honeymooners to enjoy the precious moments of their life.

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A Glance on the Prominent Spots of the Kullu:

Himalayan National Park:

Himalayan National Park is regarded as UNESCO world heritage site which covers the area of 1171sq km and was established in 1984. Nature has blessed this place with an exotic diversity of flora and fauna. The park is opened from 10 am - 5.30 pm for the tourists to visit. Government has implemented strict rules and regulations for the visitors in order to protect the serenity of the park. It is also the best place to enjoy the trekking and one can enjoy the beauty of the nearby valleys banjaar, sainj and tirthan valleys


Manikaran is a famous religious place of Kullu which lies in the Parvati valley and it is 35 kms from Kullu. This place is well known for its hot springs which lies at altitude of 1760 m high from the ground level. Manikaran is a great cosmic gateway for both Sikh and Hindus as Hindu god Shiva and Parvati who spent around 1100 years on this holy place whereas the Gurudwara of this place has its great significance in the twelfth Guru Khalsa. So, devotes of both Hindu and Sikh religion often come here to seek the blessings of the almighty.

Kheerganga National Park:

KheerGanga national park is the another beguiling attraction for the visitors as this place has blend of picturesque view and amazing variety of different species of plants , animals and birds. The park is spread over an area of 710 sq km. The serene ambience of the place is covered with lush green forests and sizzling meadows which make the environment fresh. This wild place is the home of various wild animals which enjoy their life without any fear.

Friendship peak:

Friendship peak is a complete glacier covered with thick layer of the snow which is the perfect destination for the trekkers which gives them thrilling and adventurous challenges. This place is the favorite place of many of the people because they can enjoy the blissful panoramic view of the nature. This place is situated at the elevation of 5,289 meters and from the top it gives an amazing view. Colorful orchids, alpine meadows and dense greenery of the forests of the solan valley are the most fascinating nearby attraction of this place.

Raghunath Temple:

Raghunath temple is an ancient temple of lord Rama which was built in 17th century by the king Jagat Singh. The temple was built on a hill lock at a great elevation with both himachali and pyramidal from of style. This temple has got great significance in the mythology people believed that this temple has the idol which the lord Rama used in his ashwemedha yaga. Devotees of lord Rama have great faith on this temple and they pay their obeisance here.

Other visiting spots:

Bijli Mahadev temple, Pandoh Dam, Chanderkhani pass, Bhrigu Lake,Chandratal lake, Beas kund and Gauri Shankar temple are some other famous attractions which one can visit.

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